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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 13, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PST

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>> fox news bli alert. vaccine shortages as the deadly flu outbreak is continuing to spread across our nation. the virus has reached epidemic levels in pennsylvania. they quickly ran out of the flu shot because of the record high demand this happened yesterday. one doctor says he was shocked by the rush of patients. >> i came in to help out. i think the phones probably running about 50 times. >> it is terrible to have to turn other people away. >> there are reports of shortages of the meditation tamiflu. that is used sometimes to try to prevent the flu.
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americans must pay close attention to the over the counter drugs that people were taking too much. much more on the flu on sunday house call coming up 29 minutes from now. >> after the fiscal cliff fight new reports president obama setting the stage for another show down on capitol hill. it is over immigration reform. welcome to america's med headquarters this sunday. >> i am eric shawn. president obama vowed to make immigration reform a priority in the second term. one accusing him of setting back the cause and so is the claim. jennifer griffin is lye in washington to explain. >> good morning, eric. the president wants one comprehensive bill to deal with
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immigration reform not a series of separate bills. a bipartisan attempt to come up with a plan failed early in his first term. president bush failed twice to get a guest worker passed. >> we need to fix a broken immigration system. i have done everything i can on my own and sought cooperation from congress to make sure we fix the system. first thing we did was to streamline the legal immigration system. >> the president's plan include guest worker visas tough laws e background checks. president obama wants a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants already here. he may announce his plan at the state of the union. he may have back taxes for those who obtain legal status. most republican senator marco rubio in florida whose parents are cuban immigrants.
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an omnibus bill can be easily blocked. he wants to make it easier for those with skills and tech savvy immigrants. he sets back the cause issuing work permits and haurlting deportation of illegal immigrants just prior to the election. in the wall street journal he explains why republicans must embrace immigration reform. 70 percent of the 12 and a half latino voters cast votes for the president in the last election. quote, i think it's a rhetoric by a handful of voices in minority but loud nonetheless that allowed conservatives are anti hispanic and anti immigration. i don't think there's a lot of concern in this country that will somehow get over run by ph.d.'s and entrepreneurs. marco rubio sees this as a gateway issue for hispanic voters that could lead to
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migration for the republican parties if successful. if they want to over hall they need to convince big labor to go on board. thanks so much. >> now it is my turn. >> thank you, jennifer. immigration will be the only tough fight ahead. president obama's promise he will tackle gun control in his second term and something that has already drawn fierce criticism. two of the cabinet picks will face confirmation battle. he will have to negotiate on the debt ceiling and see queststration. he hasn't officially started his second term with all of that happening. charlie hurt is a columnist for the washington times it is always great to have him here. >> of all of those issues which do you expect the president has the toughest challenge getting his agenda. >> they are all very thorny, but i think the overriding issue that will continue to be the big
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separation between republicans and the president is spending. the issue of continuing to spend more money, continuing to borrow money, instead of making the severe cuts across the board that will separate the two. i think what's so interesting is of all of the fights as you pointed out even before he has been sworn in for a second term of all of these fights he picked a number that he didn't need to pick. republicans and the senate made it clear about some of these nominations such as jack lew and chuck hagel made it clear they were going to adamantly oppose the nominations if he made them. he went ahead and made them. it leads me to think he is trying to put out as many fights as he can put out there and hope he wins half of them and then he would call it a day. it has set up an amazingly ar
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arched rivalry in washington. >> critics would say the president has nothing to lose he won the second term and he can put out there whatever he wants if he gets it he gets it if he doesn't, he doesn't. meantime issues like the debt ceiling and gun control are he shall issues they say they may act unilaterally on. where does that leave the american people? >> i think those critics who say that about president obama's strategy they are probably right. president obama has a strong hand he has a better hand in washington than republicans do. the problem with things like gun control; in the senate even modern democrats join with republicans. if he tries to do something unilateral with debt ceiling or with guns the fight we are seeing right now and the fights we have seen in the last four
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years they will pail in comparison to just how locked down the whole city becomes over something like that. it would be such an incredibly melcose stand for the president to take especially on something like guns. probably less so in the debt ceiling. another thing that is shocking it senate majority leader reed and those in the senate acting unilaterally. when the last time you heard a chamber of commerce saying take the power away from us. he lost his power. >> nancy pelosi has been saying that on a number of issues as well. the american voters went to the polls hoping congress would work better together. the president's rating dipped slightly, too recently. the question is from the other side is it fair to give push
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back how do we get everybody to the president and get everybody to work together and actually get something done? >> the problem with that. the voters sent president obama back. but they sent the republicans in the house back. president obama keeps talking about how republicans on the other side they are trying to stir up these fights. no they are not. they are keeping the promises they made to the voters who sent them here. for them to throw up hear hands we are going to spend more money without these drastic cuts that would be them to going back on their word with their voters. washington is messed up it's broken. nobody is focusing on things they should be focusing on. it is an out of control train wreck. i feel they through their hands up in the air expect president
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obama, republicans in the house and let's see how we can make this work without giving up huge compromises in their principles. >> if nobody wants to give up we are not getting anywhere. thanks. have a great day. >> right now a dress rehearsal is underway for expert inauguration ceremonies in washington. live pictures as they practice the inauguration parade. that is where the president of the united states will sit with his panel as the parade on pennsylvania avenue will pass by. they are rehearsing it today they will be doing that later on. it is held on january 20th. this year that falls on a sunday. that is wup week from today. the swearing in at the capital where everybody gathers that
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ceremony the big one will be held next monday january 21st. it happens to be the day the nation observes dr. martin luther king junior day. it will resinate with special added meaning and significance as president owe bhaum is swo-- is sworn in. out of egypt the cairo court is ordering a retrial of former egyptian president mubarek. he is convicted of the up rising and sentenced to life in prison. we have more on that. there were celebrations aof joy today as the judge issued that order for a new trial as mubarek supporters shouted out long live justice. former egyptian president mubarek and top five domestic spy chiefs were convicted last june of failing to prevent the
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killings of hundreds of protestors who were taking part in the protests. the conviction was overturned as defense attorneys argued mubarak didn't know about the killings. no date has been set for a retrial several others will be on part of that trial who were awe quitted in the previous trials. going forward mubarak will be pending a review. he's facing other corruption charges. it is likely he will stay in jail for the significant and foreseeable future. mubarak was reportedly ill. there are responconstant reports ill and that he has fallen and broken ribs. it is not clear whether or not he will be stuck in his house because of medical condition. this going forward this will be a retrial turning in real problems for egypt going
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forward. it has been a violent and very spo sort of chaotic scene in egypt the past few years since mubarak stepped down. it isn't clear what will happen with the retrial being demanded by the court. a lot of egyptians felt hmubara should have been given the death penalty for his roles in ordering the deaths and crack down on the protestors. of course now there will be a retrial. nobody knows what will happen. it is possible we will see more protests or possible the protestors are burnt out having fought the muslim brother rood over the constitution the last few months. there will be more chaos and probably more anger in egypt going forward. >> connor powell from our mideast bureau. thank you. >> assyrian president bashir assad is expressing confidence he can ride on deadly chaos in
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his wore torn country. 13,000 people have been killed so far since the widespread fighting between assad ace g's government and riots began. thousands are being killed every week in that country. they are predicting 100,000 more could be killed. 3,000 are killed every day. what about assad and his future and the future of his nation. joining us a former ambassador of the united nations john volt. >> glad to be with you. >> there seems to be a stalemate. what in your view do you think will finally tip this? which way? >> i am not sure it's going to be tipped one way or the other
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any time soon. assad has been cleared for quite sometime he does not intend to relinquish power voluntarily. and he has reason to think that he can hang on as long as russia and iran continue to finance and supply him. they have been the bedrock of his offenses and the opposition while it made gains has not been able to shatter his regime has not been able to push him out. i think the prospect of this going on as it is thousands of silians being killed is very real. one we have to start thinking about is that the surrogate supporters of the opposition begin to conclude the price isn't worth it for them and they work to a negotiated solution
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that leads them to power. they will not stop the negotiations. do you think he could say a place and all of the thousands of death will come. >> the real issue is this is a war in effect between iran and it's satellite the assad regime and ensuing majority of the population in syria supported by the other arab states you see their struggle against iran's effort to achieve through the broader region. that's why asking what the sunni arabs think are they prepared to continue this given that russia has shown 0 sign of compromise, 0 sign of pcompromising and ira as well. as unpalatable as it is. i think the most likely scenario for the short term the
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foreseeable future is the fighting simply continues. >> such a proxy war how can other nations support the rebels against iran? >> that would have to be the next step. the fact is that even with all of these sanctions against iran that have been imposed because of the nuclear weapons program not only have they not reduced iran's progress toward nuclear weapons which is an issue that hangs all over this including the conflict of syria but it has not reduced their supply of arms and finance as best we can tell to the assad regime. russia which depends on the naval base it has in syria has been right there with assad as well. so if the arabs want to step up the support for the opposition they have to face the prospect they could be out bid in effect by russia and riran. if it is everybody against a russia and iran specifically, is iran winning? >> i think they very much want
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to keep assad in power. i think they are prepared to see this conflict go on for as long as it takes. this is part of their campaign in the middle east. i think folks in the west and in the arab world people see assad's fall as something that could hurt iran very substantially and one asks in that case why hasn't the obama administration done more to help achieve that? i think the answer is because the obama administration is still desperate to find a way to negotiate with iran over the nuclear weapons program. i know if we were to get involved in the conflict against sa assad there would be no way the iranians would negotiate. >> what can the administration do? >> i don't think there's much they can do as long as they are not willing to take on russia and iran. the reset button has worked out well as we can see here. the administration is hosted by fat tar. >> good to see you.
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seems our fighting with continue with assad in place. eric, thanks. there are growing concerns the deadly flu outbreak is sweeping across the country and there is high demand causing vaccine shortages not to worry, though. we will have all of the tips you need on the best way to protect yourself. police confronted suspected gunman inside a movie theater. tell you what happened when we come back. caring for their lives and lives of others one of the officers fired at the suspect striking the suspect. how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes.
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>> welcome back everybody. in exclusive interviews on fox news sunday the leading voices in the gun control debate. supporters and opponents of tighter gun control laws agree that something has to be done. the nra is a very strong lobby. i think the issue is who is going to represent the voices of the american people in this debate. we have common sense to the american people may understand we need to protect people's right to own a gun in their own home and protect themselves. there is something tragically
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wrong when there is mass slaughter. we have to solve this problem. >> already there are a couple of bills that come in. outside of houston it would remove the magnet to invite mass murderers into zones where they know nobody else will be able to shoot back. that i think is where the debate is likely to shift. are we really better off when we say no defense is a good defense? >> joining me now is anchor of fox news sunday chris wallace. good morning. >> good morning to you, jamie. >> that is a powerful debate that little snippet. i know we are going to learn more. given the fact that the administration the vice president act unilaterally on that do you get the sense that the opinions will matter. >> yeah. >> the things you can do by executive action or regulation are really on the margins. you can do stuff to make
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enforcement tougher more sharing of information for background checks things like that. the big things people are talking about ban on assault weapons or limits on these high capacity magazine that is carry 30 rounds or 100 rounds. universal background checks. you can't do anything like that. let me give you two amazing statistics this week in preparing for the show. in the last election cycle the nra contributed $20 million to candidates running for federal office. the gun control people 4,000 dollars. and in this new congress, 50 percent more than half of the members of new congress get an a rating from the nra. the gun control people even in the wake of newtown even with a lot of presidential effort there will be an aggressive campaign to try to change public opinion here. you are going to see joe biden
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come out with his report on tuesday. i am sure the president will mention it in the inaugural address and really push it in the state of the union address. i still get the impression from talking to candidates head of the liberal think tank one of the groups involved. the president will rebegin up his campaign. i think you will see this on a lot of issues to get a lot of like minded people to raise money to put pressure on congressmen by public education camps saying voters i think they are going to go smaller rather than bigger. i think i will propose stop on weapons ban. they will get through a universal background check. 40 percent of all of the guns sold are not subject to any check. i think one of the arguments they will make is and you could argue it right or wrong. one of the arguments they will make if the problem isn't the weapon but the person holding the weapon why shouldn't there
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be any check when someone buys a gun they don't have mental health problems. >> i hear you have senator blumenthal also. you had a chance to talk to him. is this issue a little close to home for him right now? >> absolutely. >> he is the senator representing newtown, connecticut. we talked about that with him and also senator kelly aya. we have the nomination of chuck hagel at defense secretary. blumenthal has predictions that hagel will get through. >> you fit that all in an hour? >> we have a power player we have two great panel segments. >> that's too much. >> i am telling you it's a great show. you can't miss it. >> i am going to tell folks they can't. you must have had a good nights sleep last night. don't miss chris wallace' exclusive interviews with both sides of the gun debate and also speaking with senators ayat and
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blumenthal. 2 and 6:00 p.m. eastern. check it out. got the flu? everybody is stalk being the flu. they are trying not to get the flew. there are concerns about possible flu vaccine shortages. the doctors will be here to take a look and how you can protect yourself from getting the flu. we are taking questions on this topic right now. go to house call. you can join the chat. s the doctors will take one of the questions on the air probably about the flu. man oh man are people coughing and wheezing and sneezing.
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